A level geography bp case study

While the existing ArcIMS system was designed to manage pipeline planning and construction, the team's custom applications had never been intended to provide the functionality BP Azerbaijan needed for managing operations on an ongoing basis once pipeline construction had been completed.

For example, one feature the team was keen to introduce to the Web was a pipeline profile tool that would show the depth of ground cover along the full length of the pipeline. You can very quickly see where the thin bits are. Another feature Hamidov and his team desired was a swipe tool that could be used to slide a layer aside.

The swipe tool is a hands-on tool for the engineers that helps identify changes. You can swipe one image on top of another and quickly pick up the changes in a particular area," he says. A core aspect of BP Azerbaijan's strategy for the future was to minimize custom code while ensuring a solution that would evolve over time with core Esri technology. The GIS team also believed that an off-the-shelf solution used in conjunction with ArcGIS Server was key to ensuring the new system's extensibility and longevity in a way that no custom solution could.

Anatomy of the BP Oil Spill: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Although Geocortex Essentials offered much of the required functionality out of the box, BP Azerbaijan sought a number of supplemental features to be incorporated into the core product. This shifted the long-term responsibility for maintaining such features to Latitude Geographics and prevented the support challenges BP Azerbaijan had faced with custom-coded features built for its previous system. This was very important to us. Seven new applications powered by ArcGIS Server, deployed by BP Azerbaijan, provide secure, targeted user access to hundreds of data layers that assist informed decision making.

But the outlines of serious systemic problems have already emerged, indicating just how illusory the notion of risk-free drilling really was, while pointing to some possible areas for reform. Wells are equipped with structures called blowout preventers that sit on the wellhead and are supposed to shut off that flow and tamp the well. Two switches — one manual and an automatic backup — failed to start it.

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Bea has worked as an engineer on offshore drilling operations and was also one of the leaders of an independent engineering study of the New Orleans levee failures during Hurricane Katrina. And the Gulf spill has some similarities to the flood, which was caused in large part by faulty floodwalls approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Hurricane Katrina 2005 - Geography Case Study & overview of the events

With near-shore and shallow reserves of fossil fuels largely depleted, drilling has moved farther offshore, into deeper waters and deeper underground. The technology for locating oil and gas reserves and for drilling has improved, but the conditions are extreme and the challenges more formidable.

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So it has many potential weak points. He questions whether energy companies and government agencies have fully adapted to the new realities. But BP leased the platform from Transocean, and Halliburton was doing the deepwater work when the blowout occurred.

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Halliburton provides oil field services. Transocean drives drill rigs, kind of like taxicabs. Geopolitics of energy Geopolitics: different politics in different part of the world. May be referring to communism in Russia, China, North Korea etc. Countries with less fossil fuels will need to get it some way. This may be through imports or attempting to take over reserves. There head quarters are usually in an MEDC.


They are often very powerful companies such as Coca-Cola Exploration: seeking new oil reserves Drilling: extracting oil Transport: moving oil by pipeline, tanker, lorries Refining: oil is heated to give different products It is also a very powerful company.

Within countries, BP uses large lorries.

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It has operations in more than 40 offshore oil and gas fields, 4 onshore terminals, and a pipeline network that transports gas and oil around the UK. In , it produces around , barrels of oil per day in the North Sea.

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  • Biomass Biomass can take 3 forms: growing crops to burn, to turn into ethanol, and generating fuel from waste. They use local raw materials and can be cheaply built, but reduce fuel needs. They should be sustainable. Some examples are solar cookers, fuel efficient stoves, solar powered light, and methane production from waste.

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