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Your job is to educate them — not with a lecture, but with evidence. Do your homework.

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Send them here, to this website if you like. Highlight key technologies that empower remote workers and mention tools your company already uses that would facilitate this. Be utterly transparent with your work. Sometimes I work in my car, a local nature park or a cosy restaurant up in the mountains. Some of my best work has happened at a picnic table overlooking the Yan Yean Reservoir.

Or in the shower at midday. Bottom line — deliver on your promises and track progress in a place when your boss can keep tabs. Always be reachable; more so than your cubicle-bound colleagues. And deliver everything on time, with a little something extra to sweeten the experience.

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Also, propose a set of metrics that define the success or failure of this arrangement. Focus on the things that matter most to your employer based on their likely objections and hone in on those. Provide a suggested course of action should a failure point be breached.

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It could involve a different tool, a different time-frame or a different time of day. Account for possible setbacks and be ready with a course-correction if needed. Be specific with your claims.

Working Remotely: Is It Right For You?

This is where it all comes together. The purpose of this letter is three-fold:. Fifty years ago, change happened slowly. Today, the ratchets of social media, blogs and podcasts — all thanks to the Internet — are making change happen a lot faster.

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  5. Do it today — I guarantee your life will thank you. Why employers must embrace flex time and telecommuting.

    11 Best Work from Home Jobs for 12222 (Best Online Jobs)

    Why I work from home, and why it might be right for you, too. Working from home — my typical day as a remote worker. How our careers are destroying our children Work from home but keep your day job. How do you convince your boss to let you work remotely? Get clear on the objectives.

    9 of the most challenging things about working remotely - Business Insider Deutschland

    Here are some examples: Working from my home office delivers: Fewer distractions, which means more deep work — better bang for their buck More available productive time thanks to no commuting Better mental health and lower stress levels Lower costs it frees up a cubicle, desk, car space, massage therapist — whatever your boss provides A more respectful relationship with the company thanks to their trust in your output vs attendance Closer connection to family — meaning a happier, more engaged employee 2.

    Gather evidence to support your case. Give them the necessary assurances. When you work remotely, you need to make sure you over-deliver on all three of these.

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    4. Draft a letter requesting a trial. It demonstrates respect for their concerns.

      Is it Right for You?

      It formalises an undertaking and paves the way for an on-going arrangement should it be successful. Many of us want to work remotely, but like any big cultural change, we want to see more evidence first. Click to Tweet. Related Stories Why employers must embrace flex time and telecommuting. Your values - the BS versus the truth.

      Share via. Copy Link. Cloud computing, Video calls, WhatsApp working groups, emails and calls can support a daily workload which all managers and employees can share in, keeping everyone engaged and at the top of their game with good communication. The benefits for employers are large. In this current talent-driven economy, by allowing employees to work remotely , you can hire the best and retain the best while not limiting yourself by geographical restrictions.

      Even occasional remote working can significantly limit absences, boost productivity and save money overall because they are better equipped to avoid distractions. The options are limitless — and so is the technology available, which is packaged and ready to go. The technology built around this means that everything is possible.

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      Why more of us are working remotely.