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Microsoft Office and Google Docs both have effective spellcheckers, which you will almost certainly find very helpful. Grammarly is another useful and free tool, which, in addition to identifying both common and complex grammatical errors, will also help you to identify words that you have spelt correctly but have used in the wrong context.

You may also find it helpful to have a native speaker read through your final essay to double check for errors. You have finished your essay and you are ready to submit it… now might be a good time to step away from it for a few days and come back to it with a fresh perspective.

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You will often find that time away from your work will help you to identify and correct any errors that you may have missed first time — a break means you can conduct your final read-through with fresh eyes before submitting it to your teacher for marking. This 4 or 8 week evening course is held twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays from Blog Image:. Here are the simple steps to planing, organising, writing, revising and editing an essay. Research and Planning Ensure that you spend time researching and establishing a plan for your essay before you start writing. TIPS: Gather ideas by keeping a working journal Structure and Organisation Two of the most important things to remember are that you should only make one argument per paragraph and you should include references to key pieces of research that support and reinforce your ideas.

Writing When writing your essay, it is important to demonstrate your ability to use the appropriate vocabulary to accurately communicate your ideas, hence you must demonstrate that you understand the key areas of your subject. Editing Accurate spelling and grammar will vastly improve the readability of your essay, help you to precisely convey your arguments and secure a much higher grade than a piece which contains a lot of mistakes.

Submission You have finished your essay and you are ready to submit it… now might be a good time to step away from it for a few days and come back to it with a fresh perspective. English is the gateway to a world of knowledge, commerce, and culture, a lingua franca that gives a student access to the world in a way that other languages do not. Just as Latin was the most important language for a thousand years and French for five hundred, English is today the key to participating in the global conversation.

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There are a variety of ways to learn English as a second language , including computer programs, audio tapes, classes, and immersion. Picking the right method for you requires some insight and self-understanding. Teaching English as a second language is an important task that produces a number of powerful rewards. First, there is the feeling of pride that as a teacher you have made a difference in the life of a student. Second is the contribution you have made the international community by minting a new speaker of the English language, one who can now communicate across cultures and worldwide in the lingua franca of the modern age.

Teaching English as a second language is a noble calling, empowering students to take their places in the global community and become active participants in the global conversation. Teaching English as a second language to these students is an honor and a privilege, one that we as educators share with all of those who strive to give student the tools they need to take on new enterprises and reach for their dreams.

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The gift of a second language is a window onto a new world, bringing into focus a wealth of conversation, information, and understanding that would otherwise be forever closed to the students who seek to learn a new language. Coleman addresses a similar question by reviewing the functions of English as a foreign language in development.

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He refers to four areas where English has often been given a role to play:. These four points must find an answer in the implementation of LMD systems results. Thus, the present work study is devoted to overcome the difficulties and problems Algerian teachers and learners are encountering in acquiring English language for specific purpose.

The latter has been conducted by many researches to discuss the various problems that Arab universities encounter and mainly Algerian university. These kinds of problems refer to their ability as teachers or their competence in transmitting skills. Mukattash divides the problem that learners of English encounter into problems of pronunciation, spelling, morphology and syntax at the level of university as well students or learners unable to express themselves that what makes difficulties spread.

Consequently, to face these kinds of problems of communicative competence, Ministry and educational experts run to find solutions to these problems by changing the strategies and encourage the training abroad that gives the learners a good knowledge and culture as well as make them confident. The queries to be raised here are how universities could be developed into places where advanced knowledge was disseminated and what are the strategies and the reforms are going to be followed.

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It is only recently that universities have become the almost systematic pragmatics, looking for motivation and aptitude for higher and perfect studies. As a main part of this work, we have also shed light on another part of reform which is called ICT information, communication and technology. It also impacts on our understanding in the teaching and learning of English language through changes. They approve that the use of ICT becomes an effective medium to better and develop the English language.

As well, ICT helps in the use of interactive lessons through the four skills to speed up the teaching and learning of English perfectly. Moreover, the impact of the use of ICT on teaching and learning is a promising scope of interest for researchers in various disciplines such as mathematics, informatics, education and sports, literature, English studies or teaching foreign languages and so forth. The latter becomes one area where ICTs influence is widely investigated. In a special report, International Certificate Conference, , devoted to the impact of Information and Communication Technologies on teaching foreign languages and on the role of foreign language teachers in Europe, the term ICT includes technologies in which the computer or laptop plays a central role, for example, Computer-Assisted Language Learning CALL , the Internet, and a variety of generic computer applications.

Nowadays, the rapid developments and the frequent use of ICTS in Algerian society is not only impact on a quick computing discourse has generated linguistic convergence it is also the focus on the use of ICT in schools and universities. In this part, we highlight the effectiveness of ICT in higher education and we seek to explore how it will impact on the way courses will be given to learners and delivered in the universities.

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Having spoken on the whole study work, generally, leads us to think of the following:. Through our experience of more than 5 years of teaching English under the new system LMD at the University of Mostaganem, we have noticed changes in the attitudes of our students and teachers towards LMD system. Students come to university with no idea about LMD; the only idea they have had in mind is the CBA approach which is implemented in in the secondary school.

They have already been familiar with the competency based approach in undertaking all kind of new tasks, techniques and methods given to be applied. The questions to be raised here are as follows:.

To what extent can the LMD system contribute positively or negatively to teaching and learning foreign languages mainly the English language? Our doctoral research revolves around five chapters. The first chapter is devoted to talk about a broad review of the relevant literature relating to the fundamental concepts of teaching and learning theories, ending up with some clarifications about what is curriculum including the various systems that have been implemented in teaching languages such as LMD system and the CBA approach.

In chapter two, research methodology, we are going to present first an introduction to what is qualitative research and then describe the steps of the techniques used, starting with the review of some definitions given about the qualitative research methodology, we have read and summarized, ending with our illustration of the experience we have undertaken during our investigation. Chapter five presents the analysis of data collected from questionnaires and then discusses the results.

Finally in the general conclusion, we try to summarize all what have been preceded and said before to suggest some solutions or hypothesis to avoid failure in education and give much importance and attention to LMD, ICT, CBA and curriculum development to make higher studies successful and effective in the teaching of the English language.. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Education.