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Previous research has indicated that general statements regarding opportunity cost information may not be sufficient to increase decision makers salience of such costs. The hypotheses were empirically tested by conducting a controlled experiment in which management policy students from 2 universities were asked to respond to a resource allocation case. The case instrument either provided subjects with or without historical cost information, and with general or specific opportunity cost information. The results were consistent with prospect theory when historical cost information was utilized to frame a loss situation, but were inconsistent with prospect theory when historical cost information was utilized to frame a gain situation.

The results did not support the hypothesis that specific opportunity cost information would increase the salience of such cost, thereby, rendering alternative investments a more attractive option. ORGANISATIONAL DECISION MAKING

The dissertation includes a discussion of the implications of these findings, and opportunities for future research. Devine, Kevin Mark, "The effects of information framing on decision-making behavior related to resource allocations" Advanced Search.

Search Help. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. DigitalCommons University of Nebraska - Lincoln. This dissertation explores the externality of ammonia emissions from the Iowa hog industry and investigates the possible impact of voluntary environmental policies to encourage ammonia control technology adoption. Mahlet Atakilt Woldetsadik. This dissertation studies the enduring effects of wartime sexual violence on Ugandan women and explore its ripple effects on families.

Maya Buenaventura. Eduardo Marquez Pena.

Studies the long-term effectiveness and vulnerability of a diverse set of fiscal policies, which propose lump-sum transfers and different consumption tax exemptions. Cameron Wright. This dissertation explores the college major decision-making process, both for initial and subsequent major choices, and analyzes the associations between major choice behaviors and student outcomes such as time to degree and probability of graduation.

Melody Harvey.

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Examines if state-mandated financial education improves debt-related and college-going behaviors among economically vulnerable young adults. This dissertation identifies for strengthening the Federal Government's capacity to evaluate its research and development programs using insights identified from philanthropic foundations.

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Topic 6A Organizational Behavior: Decision Making (Supplement)

This dissertation, in a three paper format, examines three policy levers for improving health care value. David Manheim.

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This dissertation considers the viability of applying Value of Information methods in complex systems for policy analysis, concluding that these methods can be applied, but that different methods are appropriate in different cases. Stefan Zavislan. This dissertation uses the National Training Center instrumentation system to aid simulation-based acquisition. This dissertation examines divergent economic paths between regions in several countries and recommends specific steps for Ukraine's regional and overall economic policy.

Aziza Arifkhanova.

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The dissertation assesses the impact of nurse practitioner scope-of-practice regulations in primary care. Ervant J. Maksabedian Hernandez. This dissertation measures access to buprenorphine, the fastest growing form of medication-assisted treatment, and the effects of demand side interventions aiming to tackle the opioid problem in America.

Bonnie L. This dissertation uses a game theoretic model of space war to examine how sentiments in multiple dimensions impact state decisions regarding whether to expand a ground war into the space domain. This dissertation examines the effects of exogenous shocks and labor market policies on employment, wages, and human capital development of youth and women.

Christopher M. Using data from the USAF Active Duty Career Decisions Survey, this dissertation employs a range of qualitative data analysis techniques to examine the open-ended response questions related to a pilot's decision to remain or depart the service. Muchow Seeks to disentangle the structural factors that affect levels of economic and social integration of minority and immigrant populations.