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You beat me. Family is the most valuable possession one has in life. If Eddie had a father like Pausch, he probably would have reached his goals and not lived a life full of resentment. Sometimes one has to sacrifice to gain.

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The most common scarification in life is time, like Pausch did. Pausch had little time left to live and he wanted to leave a memory, his last lecture. Even though sacrifice was hard for Pausch, he knew that it was the only way to accomplish his goal. Any mother of three small children is consumed with taking care of them. When sacrifice has to do with love and family, it has no boundaries. Like The last lecture, The five people you meet in heaven also talks about sacrifices.

I never lived nowhere else.

This sacrifice hit Eddy hard. He felt that he was stuck in Ruby Pier because of the decision he made. He felt his life was thrown away. Pausch had love, a great family, and made the right sacrifices. Because of these 3 important factors in life, Pausch was able to fulfill his dreams and reach his goals.

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On the other hand Eddie had love, a family, but he made the wrong sacrifices. He lived a life full of regret. People should hold on to the happy memories and let go of the hurtful ones. Doing this, one will be able obtain love, a good family, and make the right sacrifices, which are the three most important factors in life. Let us create the best one for you! What is your topic? By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay?

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The spouse are now first mom or dad. The priority list changes and suddenly baby tops the list of all relationships. Some friends and family members drift apart from parents emotionally.

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Life is now defined by relations that are important to parent and not individual. By that time the age and financial independence is over for the parents. Post retirement they do find time for themselves, but the golden days of adulthood are lost in creating a life for kids than themselves. Many parents suffer relationship issues with their partner because they spend their lives either working or caring for kids.

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This causes a fading emotional connect between spouses. Freedom Our parents curb all their freedom of choices for us. It can be freedom to take a job their heart desires, to live in city they like, to pursue their hobbies, to spend money the way they want. But they give up all choices for us. Social life The social life of parents takes a backseat after the baby. Once the baby grows up, schooling becomes the epicenter of parents to expand their social life.

Once the kid is settled in live professionally and personally, they find time to expand their social circle. Career Majority of the times a mother sacrifices.

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Biologically having a major part in child birth, she puts everything on hold, including her professional life. Naturally father has to give his career more importance to fulfill family needs. Many parents take up jobs that allow them to spend more time with kids. Food Parents usually give up on their favorite foods to inculcate healthy eating in kids. Some less well to do parents have to even give up a one-time meal to feed their kids. Later parents are dependent on kids post retirement they even have to shift city to be with them.

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