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The proposed system will overcome all the difficulties of the existing system. The advantages of the proposed system is,. Non functional are properties and qualities the software system must possess providing its intended functional requirements. Operational Requirements: These requirements specify the environment in which the software will be running, including, hardware platforms, external interfaces and operating systems. This project is done using VB. Performance Requirements: These requirements specify possibly lower and upper bounds on speed, calculation of time and storage characteristics of the software.

The attendance and payroll calculation time is minimized. Maintainability Requirements: These requirements specify the expected response time for dealing with various maintenance activities. The maintenance of the fingerprint attendance system is good. Security Requirements: These requirements specify the levels and types of security mechanisms that need to be specified during the operations of the system. The attendance system is highly securable as we use thumb impression.


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The thumb impression of the employee is taken as input and the days worked by the employee are generated as output. This Fig 2. The thumb code of the employee is taken as input and in-time or out-time of the employee is marked based on the entry or exit of the employee. From this, the days worked by the employee is calculated as output. This diagram explains how the salary is calculated from the number of days worked and loss of pay.

From the days worked the salary of the employee is calculated based on the basic pay, allowances and deductions. Expected result: If there is matching record for the current thumb impression then attendance is marked for that employee. This chapter includes various designs of the systems namely architectural design, database design, user interface design, module design and procedural design. Each time when the out-time is marked the duration is calculated and hours worked field is updated. This thumb scanner table includes the thumb code and employee id of Attendance System Using Fingerprint.

This attendance table includes the Hours worked field that is determined from the difference between the times. From the Hours worked field total days is calculated. This Screen 3.


In the main menu when employee is selected user and admin options will be shown. Here the password and login should given by the administrator. This form will be shown only when the password and login in the admin form is correct. This form represents the choices in the main menu.

Biometric fingerprint scanner thesis

Administrator gets the details from the new employee and stores it in the database. This form represents the subdivision in the main menu. The salary of the employee will be displayed with his name. This form displays the details of the employee when the current thumb impression matched with the impression stored in the database. This fig 3. Notice of Special Board Meeting on Notice of Special Reasearch committee meeetin g Notice of 67 Academic Staff Meeting on Notice of SCI Closure Notice of 53rd Reasearch committee meeeting.

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Student Organizations. There are some minor setbacks, but it is nothing compared to the substantial benefits that this system has to bring. The respondents convey that there is now more ease in monitoring employee attendance and faster generation of reports. Here are some policy recommendations that will further improve BARS: 1 Upgrade the fingerprint scanner to make biometric verification faster. The over-all conclusion is that the use of BARS has a positive impact on the work performance of the employees of Cabanatuan City Government.

Although there are minor issues and concerns, it can easily be addressed by the authorities. It appears that majority of the respondents believed that it has a significant effect on the level of performance. Based on the result of data gathered, the continuous increase in the IPCR rating and self-assessed positive impact of the use of BARS on the level of performance of respondents are enough inspiration to come up with the following recommendations:. However, like any other security methods, biometrics has its limitations.

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Therefore, it is essential to manage these limitations and at the same time; to properly enhance the success factor of the biometric system. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 39, Tailoring Biotechnologies, 1, Share This Article:. The paper is not in the journal. Go Back HomePage. DOI: Gladys Anne C. Villaroman 1,2 , Anthony B. San Pedro 1,3 , Khristopher M. Bacani 1,4 , Erlinda R. Clerigo 1,5 , Aron T.

Hipos 1,4. In this regard, Local Government Unit LGU uses this technology to provide a more comprehensive system in monitoring employee attendance and how it may affect their performance.

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Noticeably, the majority of the respondents perceived that the use of BARS had a positive impact on work performance. Introduction Transparency and accountability are essential components of democratic government and governance, nationally and locally [1].

He also states two rationale behind this: 1 Modern technology is incompatible with workplace democracy. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions: 1 How may the work performance of the respondents be described based on their Individual Performance Commitment Review for the year ? Methodology 2. Research Design This study used the descriptive type of research. Respondents The respondents of the study were composed of seventeen 17 supervisors and one hundred three employees of the six frontline offices of the Cabanatuan City Government that provide basic services.

Instruments of the Study The descriptive type of research was employed by the researcher through a Table 1. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Cite this paper Villaroman, G. Open Access Library Journal , 5 , References [ 1 ] Gabriel, A. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. OALibJ Subscription. E-Mail Alert. OALibJ Most popular papers. History Issue.

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