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I love romantic drama film. Although Titanic is not my favorite romantic drama movie, however I like it My favorite movie is titanic essay introduction. Argumentative essay about love at first sight bachelors university of southern california admissions Free Titanic Essays And Papers - helpme. Furthermore, it encourages greater empathy the characters. Class identifications can often be ostracizing, and better understanding the overlap and history of this helps me empathize more with relationships, like that of Jack and Rose, that struggle with transcending these barriers.

Circling back around to American girlhood, having a better understanding of social and economic class differences is critical to understanding their presentations. Once, we discussed the age of girlhood, and like most things in this class, realized that age restrictions on girlhood are indeterminable. The description and experiences of all four girls simultaneously was able to show moral development. Furthermore, comparison to girls and others in different economic classes from the March sisters allowed me to consider girlhood in a new way.

A response to the rejection of age as a restriction for girlhood, many students in our class agreed that it was a collection of morals, values, and actions that determined the end of girlhood. However, this is a classist perspective, as some classes are forced to value things differently and their youthful traits or lack thereof should not be over or understated and should not play the sole role in determining the validity of an identity.

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Hi Keila, I agree with your discussion of class in the film Titanic. The majority of the movie really is all about class and how difficult it is for people of one class to interact with members of another class.

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It is also interesting to consider the difference between economic and social class because despite being a lower economic class, the March family still had a high social class. But when considering Titanic, all that really matters is economic class. Hi Keila, Your title caught my attention at the very first place as Titanic is one of my favorite movies. Jack and Rose definitely come from totally different social and economic classes and these pose a huge barrier in front of their love for each other.

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  • For March girls, the difference in levels of wealth and class also poses various challenges in their girlhood. But we must know that classes do not place the sole role in deciding our value of identity, like you said at the end.