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Should I be excited? But I barely know much about student affairs, and how I should conduct myself as a student affair professional.

Moreover, I believe the role of student affairs is to help students succeed and matriculate through college. In other words, I do not think people who work in. A college education has a different meaning for every person in the world.

The importance of a college education depends on what a degree means to the person. I think the true purpose of a college education should be base more on a personal level, and not a broad level. The reason why I think. Oklahoma City College from the movie The Great Debaters, there are many different points that can be identified as ethos, pathos, or logos. King mentions Eugene Talmadge, whom of.

The Purpose of Education Essay

It would be a terrible idea to pay college athletes to do what they are going to school for. Most college athletes get some or all of their college paid for, but they want to get paid in money too? They could spend the money unwisely and they could lose focus on what college is meant for and that is to learn to be able to obtain a job. I understand that college athletes. Essay example. What is the Purpose of College? Essay example Words 6 Pages.

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A college education gives a person the opportunity to be successful in life, either financially or morally dependent on the goals that they set for their life. They will choose a college that offer programs for the major of their choice, where they will specialize and receive a degree. The decision to pursue a higher education will give the opportunity to earn a better income over someone who does not have a degree.

College is more of life preparation course that will help make sure a successful career. When this study is completed, they are awarded with Masters degree or PhD.

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These degrees signify that such an individual with an MSc or PhD certificate is savant in the chosen area of specialisation or study. From there, they can go on to invent thing, develop theories and other necessary things to benefit mankind. However, it does mean that someone cannot specialise in another field of interest. Moreover, I have seen individuals who are specialists in more than one field of study.

This can occur if such individual has a flair for being grounded in lots of thing. For example, someone with an MSc in Computer Science may decide to improve his knowledge base in commercial areas and thus decides to get an MSc in Economics. Life is versatile and so are the people living it. Finally, the purpose of education is to improve our thought patterns, lifestyle, attitude to life in general and help sharpen our destiny so that we can live better life and become responsible and create opportunities for others to benefit from.

But one thing is certain, college degree makes an individual become useful in whatever area they find themselves. The main purpose of a college education should be to prepare oneself for a specific career.

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