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Essay about Comparing Socialism and Communism -- Socialism vs Communism

Early Christian communities also practiced the sharing of goods and labour, a simple form of socialism subsequently followed in certain forms of monasticism. Several monastic orders continue these practices today. Money has been abolished, and people are free to take what they need from common storehouses. All the Utopians live simply, moreover, so that they are able to meet their needs with only a few hours of work a day, leaving the rest for leisure.

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Religious and political turmoil, however, soon inspired others to try to put utopian ideas into practice. Chief among them was the Diggers , whose members claimed that God had created the world for people to share, not to divide and exploit for private profit. Whether utopian or practical, these early visions of socialism were largely agrarian.

Such beliefs led to his execution for conspiring to overthrow the government. The publicity that followed his trial and death, however, made him a hero to many in the 19th century who reacted against the emergence of industrial capitalism. Conservatives who saw the settled life of agricultural society disrupted by the insistent demands of industrialism were as likely as their radical counterparts to be outraged by the self-interested competition of capitalists and the squalor of industrial cities.

The radicals distinguished themselves, however, by their commitment to equality and their willingness to envision a future in which industrial power and capitalism were divorced. To their moral outrage at the conditions that were reducing many workers to pauperism, the radical critics of industrial capitalism added a faith in the power of people to put science and an understanding of history to work in the creation of a new and glorious society.

Saint-Simon did not call for public ownership of productive property, but he did advocate public control of property through central planning, in which scientists, industrialists, and engineers would anticipate social needs and direct the energies of society to meet them.

Such a system would be more efficient than capitalism, according to Saint-Simon, and it even has the endorsement of history itself. Saint-Simon believed that history moves through a series of stages, each of which is marked by a particular arrangement of social classes and a set of dominant beliefs. Thus, feudalism , with its landed nobility and monotheistic religion, was giving way to industrialism, a complex form of society characterized by its reliance on science, reason, and the division of labour.

In such circumstances, Saint-Simon argued, it makes sense to put the economic arrangements of society in the hands of its most knowledgeable and productive members, so that they may direct economic production for the benefit of all.

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Another early socialist, Robert Owen , was himself an industrialist. Such acts can lead the economy to go boom. Creating a multitude of bad out comes.

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Socialism Its good for the obvious reason, everything is equal and fair. That means everyone is equal and happy. There are none or few homeless. This also promotes equal rights. The problem with this is there is no reason to work harder.

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In school, there is no reason to try to study harder if everyone is equal. Socialism just creates a larger government. It makes it so the government owns everything you have. In a way, it promotes laziness. Since everyone is equal, there is no point of being an Albert Einstein and solving great puzzles.

Communism vs. Socialism

Communism Communism is like the French Revolution without estates. Kind of like socialism. Except, the extreme of socialism. Classes are absolutely abolished. The good… Show More. Essay about Communism: Communism and Russian Civil War Communism The history of communism starts with one of the modern forms of communism is based on Marxism.

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Essay on Communist: Communism and fully Communist Society Communism from Latin communis — common, universal is a classless, moneyless,[1][2] and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology and movement that aims at the establishment of this social order. Capitalism vs Communism Essay boss was the only one who had a say in what happened.